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1Access to a discussion forum that facilitates exchange among professionals.
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This forum is a public meeting space that allows community members to communicate together and share their experiences relative to teaching sex education to adolescents using the activities suggested in the magazine.

Here's an example of a Q&A you can find in the forum:
Question : Have any of you ever done this activity in class?

I find the idea interesting but I have reservations about the group’s level of maturity. I’d like to have your comments or impressions about conducting this activity.

Response 1 : I’ve also thought about doing this activity but I had reservations as well. Has anyone ever done it?

Response 2 : I did this activity in class last year and the students responded well. I changed the way of doing it a bit. At first, the students chose a partner and then I asked them to change partners twice. I did that so they could see that the level of comfort we feel being close to somebody can change from one person to another.

Recent issues
  • Communication in adolescent couples
  • Toward improving adolescents' contraception use
  • Counteracting the trivialization of sexual exploitation
  • Talking sexuality with your parents
  • Our Romeos: All they think about is sex, right ?
  • The bi trend: Open mindedness or trivialization?
  • FLIRTING ON LINE: Toward a safe and fulfilling exploration of self and others
  • Youth and sexism, from inequality to indifference
  • Flirting with seduction
  • Sexual fantaisies during adolescence...
Issue 25 | Spring 2016
Toward improving adolescents' contraception use
by Marie-Andrée Bossé
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